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pre-modern Europe was a pictorial society, where the poetics of language and visual iconicity were the primary modes of communication and social pedagogy.  People lived among succubi, were possessed by demons, had spiritual revelation, and experienced miraculous divine intervention.
so-called “modern” Europe represents a transition to the written word and singular identity where divergance and contingent emergence of identities and selves were abberations of a singular, traumatized identity.  This was epitomized by a psychoanalytic model of the self which presumed a pathologized subject constructed through and traumatized by iconicity and representation.

Now theres a re-emergence of the pictorial.  The poetics of language and representation organize society through digital mechanics and we observe a re-emergence of the “persona.”  Dissociation provides a model for this shift.  The self is a multiple and emergent phenomenon who self-identifies and claims selfhood through poetic forms which presume to “express” the creative phenomenon of continual self-transformation.  This allows for the possibility for identities to multiply freely and exponentially.  I would like to refer to this as the refeudalization of identity.

Therefore “queerer” (queer referring not to a collection of specific identities, such as transgender identities, which are cultural forms which might be deployed to render legible certain minoritized bodies in order for them to receive necessary services, but simply queer as an umbrella term for minoritized genders/sexualities when they are imagined as freely/agentially assumed and inherently counterhegemonic) models of identity and selfhood are still grounded in largely Western/European genealogies and are actually operationalized by representational trends which support postindustrial relations of production, and largely serve individuals whose existences are not threatened by the precarity of emergent models of (racialized and gendered) proletarian labor and state violence in both the global north and the global south.


when you think about it i’m very very sexy


things just get worse when ur abused u just keep attracting toxicity into your life and it never ends


The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy — by Nafeez Ahmed


The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy — by Nafeez Ahmed


by dismagazine


by dismagazine

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the only act at FYF that mattered

Anonymous said: y're on a roll with your tweets lately and i like that your twitter cover photo thing is of tara+brad+slavoj

fuck psychoanalysis

fuck Harvard

burntplume said: Can we make shipping brands a thing?

I ship Hood by Air and Monsanto 

Anonymous said: I want to play board games with you and have long talks about jungian personality theories, are you down for that?

To help with “theory of mind” I used to use the jungian model for personality but I have since come up with my own system that does not presume a stable singular personality

laurabishes said: I really love your Venus collage. It's a really nice aesthetic and totally appreciate it. Do you have more work like this? <3 fan.

I made that collage my junior year of high school when I hated myself and was really suicidal 

Anonymous said: Are you in college?

yeah i go to a small college in LA county with a bunch of pissbabies


writing this for myself and i dont care if you read it

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remember when i used to make .gifs like this?

remember when i used to make .gifs like this?

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